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Kartika NI’s notes on Consumer Behavior Class, Dept. Statistics, FMIPA, Bogor Agricultural University

on September 10, 2012

“MOTIVATION” that’s what i learned from my class last week. I never thought that I would get such an awesome reason joining again this class. It’s just i instantly feel so much proud and amaze of my own department and BAU of course. Even Mr Ujang isn’t lecture from my department and so on the other, however he could get us notice that we have to be thankful to be here.

First, thankful that we could continued our study in the university. My motivation to get in university is just following my parents order, but now it’s grateful. Second, thankful that BAU chose and allowed me study here, because BAU now is one of top 5 university in Indonesia.

There were so many graduated highschool students and they have the brain,but somehow they couldn’t get proper university that fits them well so i must feel relieve that I AM IN BAU RIGHT NOW.

Then  it’s the last but not least,very very proud to be one of statiscians in Department Statistics,Faculty of Mathematic and Sciences, number one highlevel-statisticians-maker department in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Maybe hundreds students out there still studying hard to get such a great chance like me to be here. With this full of proud feeling, each of us culd be everything as long as we hold our spirit, motivation, and comitment, and also, the lectures has to be as great as Mr Ujang.

So, what we don’t proud of?


Lecturer: Prof. Dr Ir Ujang Sumarwan, MSC


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University

Semester III September 2012 – January 2013

Based on Consumer Behavior Text Book by Ujang Sumarwan


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